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RED – says it all!

RED Hydrogen.

RED – says it all

Even though Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for quite a while holographs were only a device to be watched in cartoons where heroes or sophisticated scientists used them to communicate. Well, it seems RED has something for real. A company called RED have come up with the World’s first ever Hydrogen smartphone which features to be a “Holographic media machine”. Hell, it sounds interesting until the second you read, “$1,195 for the Aluminium version and $1595 for the Titanium version.” Now it seems out of one budget. But pre-orders for this smartphone has already started and the company guys are not yet confident if they could settle in with the customer requirements due to the production limitation it will have.


Talking about the company the name RED would not be a familiar one for the likes of smartphone and it should be for they are a company that makes high-end cameras that Hollywood cinemas use to shoot blockbusters for.

The less known specs include a 5.7-inch Holographic display running on Google’s Android operating system. A press report suggests that the phone can easily switch between 2-D and 3-D contents without any glitch. RED here has created their custom file type name, “Hydrogen 4 – view content” that will be stored inside the RED channel.

For now all that we can say is that RED’s smartphone is one overstated and overpriced smartphone that is yet to reveal its detailed list of features. And for it to stand in the smartphone market where giants like Samsung and Apple are present it will be a tough competition.

RED founder Jim Jannard says “there is no good way to describe it until you see it.”

Interesting to know the film “Martian” featuring Matt Damon was shot using the camera RED made.

The cost of these phones is just approximate measure which will presumably go up once they are done with the manufacturing. They are expecting to launch these smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. Now it’s for us to wait and see if they will bring a revolution or will become another beefed up pricey pony in the smartphone segment.

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