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Our Process

Post your Smartphone

Ship your damaged or defective product for repair via courier and rest assured as your product is in safe hands.
Your personal data will be handled with utmost privacy.


Diagnostics & Repair

Our experts will diagnose the issue and attempt the fixes.

Get an Estimate

We will work with our experts and provide you the flaw report along with Estimate.
Once the Estimate is accepted and payment processed the product will be handed over to the technician.

Shipping to Customer

Once the product is fixed it will be delivered to customers.

Our experts

Expert Technician

V. Jaikumar

About us

We are small enthusiastic techies who would like to try something new.

Our mission

We are striving to provide great customer experience and satisfaction


  • Easy and affordable service
  • No frills Experience
  • Payment protected by PayPal

Please contact us before placing an order as Prices are volatile they might not get updated frequently. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dismiss